US Immigrants

It is not nice for self promotion about any personal success, unless one runs for public office. However, if you think about saving a large time and money for professionals who are researching or working on the physic problems to invent the new devices, such as in the field of nanotechnologies.

So it is a saving time to tell you that Dr Einstein could not prove his Unify Formula because he used the different units with earth mass and square radius for Gravity, so Dr can not calculate square root (-I) ^0.5 in combine the factors of gravity G, acceleration a or inertia -I, and the electrical field E. While a refugee from Vietnam war had the solution with specific Gravity which including the Buoyancy.

The story began on April 29 1975, when a Lieutenant from South Vietnam Army had jumped on to a Patrol Craft Fast PCF Swift boat of a friend in South Vietnam Navy. Just after the US immigrant from Vietnam War had a seat on the wet floor of the Swift boat, he had an idea came up in his head:

"This time I can go for abroad study in America."

At that critical moment, he did not missed his old mother, three sisters, and two brothers in Saigon, until the next morning when he was alone between the crown on the South Vietnamese Navy ship HQ800 in the ocean.

After 12 years of full and part-time students with several universities and colleges for 200 credit hours, including 64 hours from a private school, within these knowledge, the young US immigrant solved the Unify Formula, as it was posted in the Physic Forum and personal website:

Distance x=m'*E*q/(a*G) .

The immigrant from Vietnam war also discovered the faulty wire of the ESD strap which could caused cancers, an electronic worker had the colon cancer with 6 surgeries at work, and the colon cancer was clear without remission after one left the company in 11 years without wearing the ESD strap:


His 11 patent applications had been rejected without any infringement of intellectual properties. This Vietnamese refugee filed complaint to the Court, FBI, and local Police in Dallas. After those complaints about a week, ABC TV broadcasted that 100 peoples in Washington were arrested for mail frauds, because all of the clerks at the front desk in the local Postal station zip code 75228 were moved within a week, after inauguration of President Bill Clinton in 1993. All of the said US Postal Service clerks in Dallas may not transfer to the White House. So according to the news on internet, the later patent applications are not mailed but US Patent Office can only accept the patent applications online.

With more than 40 work credits from income taxes for patent Office's benefits, but the mail frauds may rip him off by the fees of patent applications, while Timothy McVeigh killed 168 peoples in Oklahoma bombing and get 14 free lawyers. So it is fair to ask for free patent translation fee, to translate from American English to Idiomatic English to promote new jobs and new taxes, to prevent spies from private patent lawyers to access and steal US patent applications before US government can have any plan.

The simple Google Translation is accepted around the world. So Google and US Patent Office can write a better software for translating the Idiomatic English.

He also have had copyrights for Multiplication and Division Integrations, the variable PI which changes according to the various radii, and math database to remember formulas without repeatedly writings the same formulas, and to solve math very fast, please check:


His Labor Expansion Program was sent to the White House in 1993 and Austin Texas to help create jobs: .

For 1% increase in income tax, we have the greater revenue as it was calculated: Tax from 24 to 25% for Personal Income PI% raised from -3.958 to -2.110 when Pay Rate PR % is raised 2.518%.

Tax from 25 to 26% for Personal Income PI% raised from -3.957 to -2.108 when PR % is raised 2.419%.
We have PI% > 0 in the sample numbers which were sent to US Government.

From the above science and engineering contributions, he was included in 2000 Outstanding Scientists of the 20th Century by International Biographical Central, Cambridge, England in 8th September 1998:

Contribution in Sciences .

International students contributed about $23 billion per year to the U.S. economy. While US Government may gain more than $70 millions from 764,495 foreign students for expenses in average 12 years of high schools from the foreign countries, if most of these students stay in US after graduation. Hoping that US Department of Home Land Security will allow the foreign students to get US Visa as much as possible.

This Vietnamese refugee was only an average student in his class mates of La Salle Taberd Saigon, Vietnam 1968, and in America. He is sure that a large numbers of foreign students and other US immigrants are smarter.

Dr Einstein was judged as a slow student in high school but he had accomplished many great things. The new refugees and foreign students will replace the old US immigrants.

In addition to Google, LCdatabase, many other database companies, and the experienced teachers, all the US immigrants will have the power of knowledge to build the best education in the world.

Since money may stay in the foreign banks, but the US leaders have the best GDP and the most gold to spend.

July 4th 2013, May 18 2019