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May 21 2019

If LCDatabase can not make a few better softwares, we hope to buy your best products. The greatest sites don not have each other, LCDatabase link them.
Before we introduce you to our software LCDatabase, we show you a few subjects which are not listed in the handbooks. Please click on :
Rare Math to read the Unify Formula
and ESD to verify the ESD strap.

We also have the improved concepts:
US Immigrants

Domes and Beliefs

Author was recommended by a professor at University of Texas at Arlington to write an abstract for the International Energy Symposia, 1981.

Biographee in Marquis Who's Who in Science and Engineering, 1996-1997, and other inclusions from the International Biographical Centre, Cambridge CB2 3QP, England, 1998.

After search to update the new values of your engineering formulas, with LCDatabase software you can quickly solve 2 or more formulas at once by 1 click, as show below for 3 simple formulas:

Click update&solve to view video of LCDatabase which was written for Windows:

You will be amazed by quality LCDatabase to Store, Search, Solve, and Skilling Math.

With basic trigonometric functions you can also find sin, cos, tan, cot, cs, csc, power 2**3, square root sqr(9), exp(10), and calculate for 6 trigonometric values in 1 line at once. 

You can do math faster than a contemporary pocket calculator which you can only solve one formula at a time.

The new LCDatabase can solve any existing problem, by plug in your given coefficient values to your formulas with the basic math signs, your hardest numerical homeworks or engineering and business deals will be done faster.

LCDatabase is accurate with basic trigonometric functions, you have to safely update data to simultaneously solve the multiple unknown variables from complex formulas.

LCDatabase can be run as a solar calculator at the real-time in the moonlight nights, without updating formulas. You can display trigonometric table, and add your own math tables with the images in Greek characters , or Japanese character by the "img src" tags with the math symbol anx3. With the above available math functions online, at the right formulas which you can rewrite from text books, then save them in your computer to search and solve by just 2 clicks away, you can do math better than me as my formulae in RareMath. You can also add, update, delete, search , and solve, which is protected by your unique IP number for your totally private works, to prevent infringements by hidden modems which access your files in C drive of DOS or Windows operating systems.

The ordinary people always wanted beautiful things being around, but only a few men had liked to carry the ugly spirits all along.

Why many governments don't help all children to use the memory aid of computers in the exams, and the analytical mind of people from the class rooms, after governments require them to take the memory improvement class, the longer the practices the better solutions in future. Since any office today is working with computers.

DR Albert Einstein did not have a Ph.D. in math, but time and a sense of humor to write the greatest theories and accomplish many genius works.

Therefore, when he got older, the Unify Theory was not found after his energy diminished with joyces and loves, behind the secret world of the atomic bomb.

They said Albert Einstein was a slow learner, retarded, and uneducabled; however, Dr Eistein and the other students have had this:

Life is about 20% in what happens to us and 80% in the way we respond to the events.

When I took the Engineering Mechanics-Dynamics class at UTA on Junior level, I asked a senior Mechanical Enngineering student what is the hardest course in M.E., one said:
Thermodynamics II.

So I had a Fortran program to calculate 2 new rules in Thermodynamics beside Boyle, Charles, and Gay-Lussac's laws. You can also check the 2 new rules from: Rare Math for details.

At this time, your math work online is not recorded in memory for printing, except 1 line for reprint your last formula which the next user of your computer can not see your secret formulas, but these softwares can be customized for your company or school works. If you can not check a hidden wireless modem in your computer, you won't be able to detect the intruders who enter your machine; therefore this home page can possibly printout the IP number of the user who is connecting to your machine, as you are seeing the array of members on the common chat lines, or you can check the IP number of your computer for yourself.

My Labor Expansion Program was sent to the White House in 1993 to help create jobs:

Benefits of Income Tax increase.

The conditions to increase income when raising taxes in this software include 3 decreases 4 increases:
1. Reduce overtime for example over 40 hours per week to over 35 hours per week.
2. Reduce benefits for new workers in the first 3 months before becoming an official worker.
3. Reduce working hours per week to 35 to 30 hours to hire new workers to raise taxes for the government and keep workers healthy.
4. Raise taxes to increase government budgets.
5. Raising wages also increases the budget for the government and then increases profits for the company.
6. Increase cash allowance sharing factor S%.
7. The rise of new workers from item 3 above, the first application in 1993 was a 3% increase.
While waiting for the company's profits to rise at a negligible rise in costs due to no computational cost, while workers' health has risen with the cost of insurance falling, and widespread publicity rising.
As former President Bill Clinton's unemployment dropped to just 4% and the budget surplus of $ 240 billions after the software was signed by PTT Al Gore in 1993. See lecan.net to believe the truth about the software. sent to Professor Computer Sciences PT at the University of Texas at Austin before being transferred to Texas Govenor Ann Richard.

Tax credit for hiring new employees (up to 9600 usd per new hire):
This part of Increase Tax was shown on social media network Facebook :

A larger negative number will have a smaller value: -3 < -2 < 0 < 1. IRS raised 1% TAX.
From photo:
Taxed 24%: Revenue up - 3.958%
Taxed 25%: Revenue up - 2.110%
TAX +1%: Revenue up +1.848%

Sample output of Labor Expansion Program:

You will have the new searched links beside the internet search for emails, telephone numbers, and many more good ideas.

Admire and share between friends or relatives about different resources, beliefs, interests, knowledges, humors, sorrows, and respects. Lovers repeatedly desire each other wonderful feelings and future comforts; they will remember their happy moments as well as pains with traditions. Love will ever last until their good things underscore their powers of the inner selves, or only one death on earth will eventually separate them.

Parents do not have sex with their children but their loves last forever. Husbands and wives have had sex but about 50% of them are divorced. Why sexuality created possession for divorces?

Why the teenage couples rushed to have baby and marriage then get 50% divorced rate? Maybe, because 50% of the divorced couples could not handle their loves and health.

The world first Republic Government had Neron who burned Rome for the entertainment of a king, from his limited bureaucrat and narrow view of feelings. While a few jews in Jerusalem with the strong voices won the votes to crucify an innocent Jesus Christ by the silenced citizens of Jerusalem .

Thank to all the internet and media people, U.S. First Amendment, Freedom of Information Act, Bell Labs of Tyco Electronics, and those who make communications work.

I am a Christian and I believe that we have the other forms of life in outer space,... for more facts of life, please check Beliefs link.

You already known some incredible or unimaginable things have had happened to the world, so if anything is imaginable, there is possible.

Bertrand Russell said: '...fools and fanatics are always so certain of Themselves, but wise people so full of doubts.

Please check my secret theories and the facts in Opinion to have more of your doubts.

Dome Homes protect you from hurricane, tornado, twist, storm, fire, dusts, and noises. Californians around Bay Area from San Francisco to San Jose could use the Dome Homes with the floating floor and base, which is briefly named floatdome, as a houseboat, a simplest form from the raft without hull but barrels or drums, to avoid the damages by earthquakes or Tsunami, and to get the lower housing costs! If you are thinking about the feasibility, please remember that a tank M113 can swim, and a famous Titanic could even dive forever.

If you are living in Louisiana or other areas with the high threat of floods, or think about the giant floods in the next 40 years, as in the documentary movie 'Inconvenient Truth' , when the polar ices will melt, you can build a small floating dome home in your backyard for a guess house, a tea room, a small party space, and you can sail away at the killing floods. We can use 2 or more solar panels to be arranged around a vertical windshaft of a windmill with a wind deflector above or below the blades to get solar power and wind power at any wind direction.

The rectangular solar panels can be easily detached to reinforce another clear plastic V-shaped wind deflector in front of dome home to also be used as a tidal wave deflector for the beach dome homes For the Californians, if you are worry a large about the earthquakes, please don't forget that you can build the floatdome and put it on the rail or wheels, to be pulled into your larger swimming spool by a winch and sensor, to live with earthquakes.

So enjoy the consumer spending to promote a better economy.

Can Le